What can we expect from the new Black Widow movie?

Every marvel fans have been dreaming about a Black Widow solo movie ever since she made her first appearance on Iron Man 2 in 2010. And it has taken almost eight years for MCU to move forward on this project. MCU has hired director Cate Shortland to direct the picture which is known for directing spy movies like Berlin Syndrome and Lore. The film will primarily focus on the origin story of this lethal Avenger.

We have already seen glimpses of Black Widow’s past in Avengers Age of Ultron where the young Russian is turned into a master assassin in the so-called ‘Red Room.’ The variant of ‘Red Room’ portrayed in Agent Carter TV show is kind of what the MCU may adopt. This time the MCU is not going to shy away from brutal and realistic contents. Considering the disturbing and tragic origin story of Black Widow, it not surprising that Marvel is making it an R-rated movie.

red room from agent carter

This spy thriller genre may bring in a lot of Hydra, KGB, and Winter Soldier references since the late early 90s Winter Soldier has been around for decades working for Hydra. In the previous MCU movies, it has been hinted that Black Widow and Winter Soldier share a history. It is to be rumored that the film will switch between Black Widows past and the present day depicting how Black Widows past will come back to haunt her.

And, yes Marvel may shed some light on the ‘Budapest event’ giving Hawkeye screen presence. Having said all that, Marvel is not too optimistic about the success of the movie as it is the first MCU to be headed by a female while Captain Marvel is co-directed by Ryan Fleck.

How excited are you to see Natasha kicking around butts? Let me know in the comments down below.

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